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The Making recruits professional artists based on their skills and experience to help deliver many of its programmes and activities.

If you are interested in working with us or finding out more about any of our featured project artists please contact Simon Taylor or Jenny Bethell


Tom Barnett


Artist Tom Barnett is a bit of an enigma. Part ceramist, part sculptor, part performance artist, he specialises in staging dramatic sculptural, site-specific kiln firing events. 'I see these firings as celebratory events that are positive agents for change', he says and, for him, the ceramics that survive the firing are less important than the transitory spectacle or ritual of the firing itself.
Click here to visit Tom's website


Samantha Bryan


Yorkshire-based artist Samantha Bryan makes fantastical wire and mixed media sculptures. Her quirky - often humorous and always highly individual - figures depict long-limbed fairies manning bizarre, machine-like contraptions. They are characterised by an off-beat, zany charm which is realised by Bryan's imaginative and skilful making technique. She says, 'my objective is to realise the necessities and requirements involved in fairy life - to provide everything a fairy would need during its daily existence.'
Click here to visit Samantha's website


Sarah Cant


UK-based American milliner Sarah Cant has developed a striking unique style across a range of platforms, from fashion and crafts to theatre, circus, dance and installation. Combining traditional millinery techniques with innovative designs and unconventional materials, her fluid, organic shapes develop a strong visual language of movement, curve and texture. Dig Deep, performed at Triskelion Arts, New York, featured a dance piece specifically developed around her headpieces. She recently designed headdresses for Tropicana, from performance collective shunt.
Click here to visit Sarah's website


Pete Codling


Pete’s Landmarks and Sculpture design studio is based in Portsmouth, where he works on public art projects and private commissions. Pete creates a range of public realm artworks from large scale public commissions to artist interventions and installations. This body of work has attracted national awards and recognition from CABE, The Arts Council of England and the private sector.
Click here to visit Pete's website


Zoe Cull


Dorset-based collaboration Zoe Cull and Alex Evans carve organic, elemental works incorporating lettering, lines of poetry integral to the design. Form, balance and tactility shape exquisite meandering curves and rippled surfaces. Employing traditional skills in masonry, carving and letter-cutting, their solid objects reflect more fluid materials 'through overtly figurative means, tactility or simply allegorical suggestion'. Zoe says, 'we intend to provoke thought and provide inspiration and pleasure to those who use them ... touching is absolutely to be encouraged - preferably with one's eyes shut!'
Click here to visit ArtCare, featuring Zoe and Alex's work

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