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Our Project Artists 2
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The Making recruits professional artists based on their skills and experience to help deliver many of its programmes and activities.

If you are interested in working with us or finding out more about any of our featured project artists please contact Simon Taylor or Jenny Bethell.


Elizabeth de Ath


Hove-based artist/designer Elizabeth de Ath creates 'Inspired Mosaics', exploring colour, light, shape, movement and texture, transforming private and public spaces. Recently exhibited at The De Morgan Centre - For the study of 19th Century Art and Society, Liz's inspiration sources a rich history, including abstract Morrocan and Gaudi-esque design, Spanish flowers and other stylised natural forms. Her depth of practical knowledge and technique is shared openly within her website.
Click here to visit Liz's Inspired Mosaics


Mandeep Dhiman

Mixed Media

Mixed media designer Mandeep Dhiman creates exuberant, decorative pieces out of a range of found materials, 'the plasticy the better', she says. They range from knitted body adornments to large-scale sculptures bursting with colour - a love of colour being a legacy of her Indian heritage. 'I love my work because of its decoration, intricacy and over-the-top nature,' she says.


Dawn Dupree


Textile artist Dawn Dupree creates evocative, semi-abstract urban landscapes by building up printed layers of colour and images. They are full of unexpected surprises and juxtapositions each telling a separate narrative often slightly unsettling undertones. 'I like to make things that are attractive, colourful and have a visual richness so that people are forced to look a bit more closely at them and see unexpected things,' she says.
Click here to visit Dawn's website


Ndidi Ekubia


Manchester-born silversmith Ndidi Ekubia is absorbed in every stage of her work, from the design to patterning the finished piece. She creates innovative, yet functional silverware by raising sheets of silver to form vessels shapes which she then manipulates using hammers and stakes to create organic patterns giving the vessels a sense of fluidity and movement. She says, 'My method of making is based on the idea of pushing the metal to its limits, yet allowing it to retain its natural fluidity.'
Click here to visit Ndidi's website


Ruth Facey


Ruth has worked as a jeweller for over 30 years, and has exhibited in galleries throughout the south. She has a Masters Degree in Design History and Material Culture, from Winchester School of Art, and a keen interest in the wider applications of design in contemporary society. Ruth combines output from her workshop with teaching to all levels – from tertiary to university – and periodically works as a consultant within the art sector. Ruth is a member of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery.
Click here to visit Ruth's website

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