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The Making recruits professional artists based on their skills and experience to help deliver many of its programmes and activities.

If you are interested in working with us or finding out more about any of our featured project artists please contact Simon Taylor or Jenny Bethell.


Andrew Fleming


Andrew is a Hampshire based photography graduate who has been working as a freelance photographer/artist since June 2005. He recently completed a series of commissions for West Berkshire Council and his solo exhibition at New Greenham Arts was the result of five years researching and documenting the landscape of Greenham Common, the former USAF Nuclear Missile Base.
Andrew has experience working with young people from Pupil Referral Units, schools and mental health units.
Click here to visit Andrew's website


Eleanor Glover

Mixed Media

Eleanor Glover is a complex character. As well as working in graphics and book design, she has spent time as a Community Development Officer in Sri Lanka, has run a home support group for the elderly in Bristol and taught dance and art. She now spends more time on her calligraphy and sculptures, but her previous varied experiences have given her a strong understanding of human nature and feed directly into her work, a powerful - often dark - mix of humour, pathos and the macabre skilfully moulded into an emotionally charged whole.
Click here to visit Eleanor's website


Linda Hasking


Linda works with traditional techniques alongside digital media. She studied Fine Art Printmaking at Winchester School of Art and has particular interest in documenting the objects we surround ourselves with and what they tell about us. Her work has been as diverse as wallpaper and bookworks. Commissions include a series of eleven embossed digital prints for the new George Thomas building at Southampton University. Linda's studio is in Hampshire and she also teaches printmaking.
Click here to visit Linda's website


Andy Hazell


Something of a maverick, Andy Hazell, based in Wales, constructs humorous socio-political tinplate automata and site-specific sculptures; both 'small things' and 'large things'. An acutely self-aware global anthropologist, Andy is widely travelled. His photographic observations frame a cultural awareness of film, photojournalism and the archive. His night photos demonstrate an interest in lighting, a material frequently used in his objects, in which the everyday is made monumental. See short films, selected photographs and sculpture on Andy's website


Cas Holmes


Kent-based paperwork artist, Cas Holmes paints colourful stitched textiles, myriad landscapes in paper, fabric and mixed media. Concerned by 'our fragile relationship with the local and national environment', she uses 'discarded items, waste material no longer considered useful ... old and forgotten textiles'. Waste paper and fabrics are assembled and worked using textile and paper based techniques. Cas layers drawing, painting, photography, print and text, using glue transfer methods, and tearing and scraping 'to reveal layers underneath'.
Click here to visit Cas' website

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