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Our Project Artists 5
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The Making recruits professional artists based on their skills and experience to help deliver many of its programmes and activities.

If you are interested in working with us or finding out more about any of our featured project artists please contact Simon Taylor or Jenny Bethell.


Walter Keeler


Potter Walter Keeler has been working in clay for over forty years and during that time his work has ranged from stoneware and raku to earthenware. His forms are equally various, with an early interest in sculptural pieces gradually being replaced by strictly functional pots and he now says, 'If the pots could not be used I would not bother making them.' However his functional pots are rarely straightforward and many have a strong ornamental element with often witty, unexpected details. They bridge the gap between practical domestic pottery and fine-art orientated ceramics - they are beautifully made studio pottery pieces but with highly innovative and contemporary forms.
For further information visit Adrian Sassoon Gallery


Lindsey Mann


Winchester-based jeweller Lindsey Mann makes lively, colourful pieces using printed aluminium, plastics, silver and found domestic objects. She calls them wearable sculptures rather than jewellery as many of her pieces can both be worn and used as an ornament to decorate the home. Her work references domestic crafts, home interiors and household gadgetry and she says, 'I am interested in the significance and beauty of everyday objects and the way in which they can so easily be overlooked.'
Click here to visit Lindsey's website


Junko Mori


Japanese-born metalwork artist Junko Mori was shortlisted for the prestigious Jerwood Applied Arts Prize: Metalwork in 2005 and since then has been working non-stop on a series of exhibitions and commissions. She makes striking, beautifully detailed sculptures built up out of hundreds of hand-forged individual components. Although abstract in form, the pieces are reminiscent of natural forms like sea anemones or root systems and the natural world is an important source of information for Mori. She says, 'I love plants, I collect, take pictures and get inspiration from them.'
Click here to visit Junko's website


Angela Morley


Horticulturalist Angela Morley works as a garden designer and also makes sculptures from willow and other natural materials. Both strands of her work are informed by her great affinity to nature and her delight in the potential beauty of everything in the natural world from fungi and mosses to feathers and seedpods. She says, 'As a child I spent most of my time wandering the meadows and woods in awe of all the wild plants and as an adult I am still happiest outside. My love of nature is my greatest inspiration'.
Click here to visit Angela's website


Robert Race


Robert Race has been making wooden objects for nearly thirty years, starting with dolls' houses and miniature furniture. He also made some moving toys for children, but these gradually developed into moving objects intended for adults and automata which incorporated simple mechanisms. 'I was interested in developing toy mechanisms to produce things that move in simple, but interesting ways', he says.

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