Bridget Bailey

Bridget Bailey Tulip by Bridget Bailey
Thrive by Bridget Bailey
Tart by Bridget Bailey

Bridget Bailey has been making her colourful, dramatic millinery for the last 30 years. Many are inspired by nature – from feathers to pea pods and flowers – and all combine her love of colour and texture with an interest in elaborate, sculptural forms. She says, ‘The big hats have been left behind and replaced with delicate, quirky headpieces which are a bit cheeky and a bit frivolous’.

Kei Ito

Kei Ito flower bag by Kei Ito theatre costume set by Kei Ito
crin white dress by Kei Ito
Project by Kei Ito

Japanese-born textile artist Kei Ito makes elaborate, sculptural garments by manipulating fabrics with a series of pleats, cutting techniques and folds. Her pieces push the boundaries of conventional fashion, swathing the wearer in a series of elaborate, geometric folds and volumes. A recent example was modelled by Deirdre Figueiredo of Craftspace when she did her stint on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth highlighting the importance of craft and making.

Sarah Cant

Sarah Cant Textiles In Performance, Bride Widow by Sarah Cant Pixie by Sarah Cant
Swan Headpiece by Sarah Cant
Memory Camisole by Sarah Cant

Sarah Cant is a woman of many talents; she has a PhD in French Literature, is a professional milliner, designs jewellery and multi-media textiles as well as the occasional theatrical costume. She puts this variety down to a love of change: 'I couldn't just do one thing all the time - I like change and challenge and playing with new ideas.'

Alison Willoughby

Portrait of Alison WilloughbyAlison Willoughby image 1Alison Willoughby image 2
Alison Willoughby image 3
Alison Willoughby image 4

Alison Willoughby is best known for making one-off, elaborately patterned skirts. They are as much works of art as pieces of clothing, but she is reluctant to be described as either a fashion designer or a fine artist, preferring to call herself a textile designer. ‘It’s annoying being put in a strict category,’ she says. ‘But I trained as a textile designer and my material is fabric and for me, fabric is where the excitement lies.’