Colin Reid


Colin Reid Burton Agnes commission. Cast glass. Still Life with Books. Cast glass.
Still Life with Books. Cast glass.
Colour Saturation piece. Cast Glass.

Colin Reid has been working with glass since the 1970s. He creates dramatic, abstract sculptures out of cast glass, experimenting with the effects of form, texture and colour, although light is his primary interest. He says, ‘The key thing about glass in general is that it’s transparent so you can work with light, playing with it as it passes through the interior of the form.’

Rebecca Newnham

Portrait of Rebecca NewnhamCarbon by Rebecca NewnhamKalyptos by Rebecca Newnham
Nanocrystals by Rebecca Newnham
Akalyptos by Rebecca Newnham

Hampshire-based artist Rebecca Newnham makes dramatic large-scale, botanically inspired sculptures. She started work as a blown glass artist, but as her pieces have grown in scale she has changed the way she works, using glass as a decorative skin applied, mosaic style, to a carved base. The result is a series of giant structures in which form, space, light and the reflective qualities of glass play an equal role.

Max Jacquard

Portrait of Max JacquardAlbionBlown forms
Casted glass forms
Casted glass form

Glass artist Max Jacquard claims that one of the things that attracts him to glass is the fascination with the alchemic process of glass transformation by heat in the kiln. ‘A metaphoric and an aesthetic transformation occurs during the making process’, he says. He has used this process to create a wide range of glass work from architectural to sculptural and he refuses to be pigeon-holed saying, ‘I would like to be thought of as an elusive glass artist whose work is not easy to predict.’