Zoë Cull

Portrait of Zoe CullBaptismal Font by Zoe CullKnot Bench by Zoe Cull
Standing Stone by Zoe Cull
Jurassic Coast Roundel by Zoe Cull

Dorchester-based artist Zoë Cull designs and makes a range of items in stone, working with her partner Alex Evans. Her pieces include sculptural objects, architectural details, garden and interior features and carved inscriptions. All are hand-made using traditional stone-working techniques, and infused with Zoë’s own contemporary style. She says, ‘Even when making something traditional like a fire surround, there’s no need to revert back to the old style sheet. I like to start from scratch: picture the object in the context of its surroundings, think about what it is for and then design accordingly. The contemporary aspect then comes naturally.’